Adapt Your Home & Family To Live As Independently As Possible

Normal Life, Inc. was founded as a location to access autism resources that address the specific needs of families that are living with developmentally delayed or Autism Spectrum Disorder. We know that there is some frustration that occurs when working with autistic children, and it is easy for family members to let their negativity and frustration take hold.

Normal Life, Inc. is here to tell you that coping does not have to be unfathomably difficult. You are never alone, Normal Life, Inc. makes it a point to offer autism support to those who need it. Our team is our family, and every member has a history of professional work with special needs individuals of all ages and ability levels. We are also a foster home for autistic and developmentally delayed children. We want to share our experiences with you in order to make your home a safe and supportive environment for everybody involved. Raising a special needs child isn’t always easy, but we can help you and your child live a Normal Life.