Self Abusive Behavior

Self Abuse

    A child who is self abusive is the hardest behavior to deal with as a parent.  But having an autistic child who wants to hurt themselves gives us parents a googling inner pain and ask questions, “Why does my child want to hurt themselves?” Many family member would say, they won’t really hurt themselves let them. “tell them to hit themselves harder.”  Well many children on the spectrum will be self- abuse and hurt themselves so badly to where they will get what they call cauliflower ears.



     Specialist are still baffled on why children do this behavior of hitting themselves in the head. Many of these children are nonverbal and will also do a behavior of biting themselves and breaking the skin when they get frustrated.  However, today some kids on the autism spectrum has answered these questions . Watch what happen to a girl with autism finally gets her voice heard.

    Many children do not get this opportunity to have hours of one on one (1:1) training at home.  This family made it possible for there child to get the great care they needed. However, sad for most of us we just can’t afford this opportunity to engage our child with this much 1:1 training. But we can at least try and get all the paperwork needed from our insurance companies to make it happen and make a budget to at least pay out of pocket.

    Be an advocate for your child at work take up donations. Make bracelets or arts and crafts and sell them letting people know this is for your child’s behavior specialist to better their lives. Tell your child’s story for each bracelet made. Be creative and go to the internet and try the best you can to achieve this for your child. Look up all the programs and fill out paperwork to apply to all the programs available. Please never give up on your child. You are their voice! We are AUTISM STRONG! #Autismarmy

    Tonia Chaffee


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