Autism- Getting Diapers

Many children with autism take longer to toilet train. – During this trial there is a way to help your pocket book.

In most states, a child of 3 years who is not toilet trained may get a prescription from their pediatrician to have diapers paid for from either your health insurance or DSHS.

  1. Search in your area for a pharmacy to fill diaper orders and deliver for free. Take down their location and number to give to your doctor.
  2. The state insurance only pays for bad diapers and the pharmacy will know what ones are the best that your insurance covers so ask. Then ask for the best liners that you can use with that diaper for added protection.

Call or take your child to their pediatrician and have them write a prescription for either diapers or pull-ups.

They usually have no problem doing this for any child over the age of 3 with autism. Some will even do the order over the phone.

Also, request gloves and bed liners to be on that order. You will be impressed at how much bed liners can improve your day.

The pharmacy will usually ask if you would like the paper bed liners or the washable. Ask for the washable. These are great! If your child is incontinent and sits down to watch television with the family, have them sit on this pad to save your furniture. Believe me, when I didn’t have the liner, I had a diaper leak onto my living room couch and after washing it out, it took me three months for it to dry out completely. Thank God it was summer! This could save the family lots of time and patience.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!

Tonia Chaffee

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