My Nonverbal Child With Autism


The Feelings Involved When You Are The Parent of a Nonverbal Autistic Child

How do you feel, what do you do, when someone walks up to your nonverbal child and starts talking with them?

“Hello! what grade are you in?”

Honestly, I have learned to like it. My son will look right at them and laugh. He loves the interaction. Sometimes I don’t say a word until the person gives me that look.

“He is nonverbal” I finally say. “But he loves it when people talk to him.”

I once had a lawyer come to my house to represent my foster son so that we could become his official guardians. He waltzed right in the door and said: “I need to talk to Curtis!”

I took him right into Curtis’ bedroom and walked in with him. He proceeded to lift his hand up as if to give me the “stop” signal and said, “I need to talk to him alone.”

I just smiled, gave him a nod, left the room, and waited.

You could see the new-found humility on his face when he finally left the room, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Tonia Chaffee






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