Keep Your Child Safe From Dangerous Magnetic Toys


As a member of the autism community, I get it — you’re sometimes outright fearful for your child’s safety. If your child has severe autism or has PICA symptoms (commonly eating inedible objects like pine cones etc.) then it seems like almost ANYTHING could go wrong! What if my kid eats chemicals? What if he finds cigarettes outside? I don’t mean to bring you more worry, but there is one thing you should be warned about (again).

Magnetic toys, like Zen Magnets (meant for constructing amazing structures and shapes with tiny millimeter sized magnets) can be deadly for autistic children of any age and many severities. In a five year period, there were 100 cases reported to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in which children swallowed two or more of these magnets and were injured. The CPSC estimates that there could have actually been about 2,900 cases during that period. There was also one death of a child in 2013. (you can read more about the company and it’s battle with the CPSC from The Denver Post through that link)

Zen magnets, and assuredly other companies that sold similar products, were eventually banned. Unfortunately, the ban was recently lifted, which is why we wanted to warn you again against their destructive power. These tiny magnets are so small that if two get inside of a person they can actually tear through internal organs. Some tips to keep your child or adult with autism safe from these magnets is to simply not allow them in your home. Maybe your husband thinks they are cool, or your older child brings some home from school, get rid of them, and stay safe. Above all make sure that your child’s classrooms and all their health care providers homes do the same measures to keep your child safe.

(You can read about the Consumer Reports warnings at following that link)


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